英雄联盟竞猜平台 Inc announced a strategic partnership on Tuesday with China Mobile Communications Corps subsidiary Migu Culture and Technology Group Co, and launched a new Kindle created exclusively for Chinese readers that integrates abundant online literature content into its e-reader.亚马逊公司周二宣告与中国移动子公司咪咕文化科技集团有限公司创建战略合作伙伴关系,并发售了专门中国读者自定义的新款Kindle,将非常丰富的网络文学统合到其电子阅读器中。The device combines more than 460,000 Kindle e-books and over 400,000 online literature titles from Migu, one of the largest online literature platforms in China. With a price tag of 658 yuan ($96.6), the all-new Kindle X Migu e-reader, is the first-ever co-branded Kindle bringing a completely new digital reading experience to online literature.新款Kindle融合了多达46万本Kindle电子书和作为中国仅次于网络文学平台之一的咪咕上面的40多万本网络文学作品。全新Kindle X咪咕电子阅读器售价为658元(96.6美元)。


作为全球第一款牵头品牌Kindle,它将为网络文学带给全新的数字化读者体验。David Limp, senior vice-president of Amazon Devices, said China has become the largest market in the world for Kindle and enjoys double-digit growth annually, adding that Chinese readers are not just satisfied with reading on mobile phones, and they want to have an immersed reading experience through various Kindle e-reader devices.亚马逊设备高级副总裁David Limp回应,中国已沦为全球仅次于的Kindle市场,维持每年两位数的快速增长,中国读者仍然意味着符合于在手机上读者,而是想通过各种Kindle电子阅读器取得一种沉浸式的读者体验。Our cooperation with China Mobile is not only on devices, but also content and services. Digital reading is now favored by Chinese readers, who are also willing to pay for e-book content, slpl竞猜平台-LOL赛事竞猜-英雄联盟竞猜平台aid Bruce Aitken, vice-president of Amazon China and general manager of Amazon Reading.亚马逊中国区副总裁兼亚马逊读者主管Bruce Aitken回应:“我们不仅在设备上与中国移动积极开展合作,还包括在内容和服务上进行合作。目前数字化读者受到中国读者的注目,中国读者也不愿收费读者电子书。